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Jocelyn has been lending her skills and talents to the Bird Studio for 7 years. Her first job was folding cranes and assembling mobiles when she was a high school student. Now that she's working on her Bachelors in Psychology, we're so glad she can find time in her busy schedule to make peace cranes.  

The Bird Studio is bringing peace to the world one crane at a time. Meaningful work is a goal for the Bird studio. Our teamwork has been realizing that for over ten years. Many hands and hearts contribute to the making of our peace crane origami art. Some of our origami artists started working in the studio when they were high school students. Some are college students needing flexible part time work schedules. We are all creative folks wanting to share our talents and time.


Here we are folding large cranes for an installation commissioned by Boone Hospital Center for their new Nifong Medical Plaza.

Above, Nancy (left) and Melissa (right) industriously work on a mobile order for the Smithsonian Museum Store. Is it tea time yet? 

Simone, the original Origami Kid and our longest serving origami artist, taught herself origami folding. She was an artist in the C.A.R.E. program here in Columbia as a high school student when she started working in the studio over ten years ago. That's a lot of peace cranes!

On a field trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, we enjoyed seeing our handiwork in their beautiful facility. 

About the Bird Studio

After the cranes are folded and the mobiles strung, the message cards are assembled. Sonya (left) and Nancy (right) glue words to the message card of each mobile.  And then it will be time for tea!

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